A King Was Born A Man

A King Was Born A Man

A king was born a man
You were born with all the strength you’ll ever need

Let your armor gleam
Even when life’s battles dim your beautiful beam.

Truth will be anchor,
It will also set you free.

Keep it tight within you, and in the midst of the flood
You’ll swim to a place of peace.

The Price Of Living

Sorrow is a gift.
When it is felt,
It is then that you are presented with an opportunity
To remember how to breathe.

You cannot know happiness if you have never been sad.
You cannot know sadness if you have never been happy.
Do you desire a life of indifference?

That is no life; that is empty existence.
Let us not wish for one without the other
Let us not be a glutton for punishment
Nor should we glorify destruction.

Rather, let us be happy
That we were given the chance
To pay the price of living.

Change Starts With You

Don’t wait.
Don’t ask anyone else for permission.
No matter if you stutter, stammer, or stumble.
You are you, created by the one who sits high and looks below.
You are beautiful.
You’ve a soul to guide you,
do not let the world make you blind to it.
You are made to do what you need to do.
You know that.



Do you have use of two legs?
Have you noticed how free you are?
Have you noticed your gifts at all?

When gravel crunches under your feet,
Do you still hear it,
or has that become background noise?

When you were little, did you stick pennies
under your heels to hear the tapping?


I tried that once, never could get it.
Sitting down isn’t all that fun, but
My brains big, and I can twiddle my thumbs
I read everything
I hear too well
I am here
My feet aren’t on the ground
But I am alive and I can still fly.

Tell God I’m grateful
Tell him I’m thankful
Thank you for leaving me speechless
Lord knows I need to listen more
and I must speak less.